Welcome Back to Troy University (2012-2013 Message)

Students and Employees,

Welcome back to Troy University! Over the past year several new initiatives have been launched to provide more assistance to students and employees. Additional services have been available for a while that you may not be aware of. Please take a moment to review this information at your convenience.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate any feedback that you may have to offer.

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Laptop Loss and Recovery Software

Students can now protect their laptops with FrontDoorSoftware Laptop Loss & Recovery Free. Installations include laptop registration, new talk feature, and 4 years of software tracking service. Protect your laptop, information, music, emails and pictures for free today.

For support you will need to contact FrontDoor:

FrontDoorSoftware Banner

New Easy-to-Read Format for Program Evaluations on Trojan Web Express

Students and Advisors will have a revised version of the Degree Audit Program Evaluation available on TWE. Degree requirements are easier to identify thanks to the changes resulting from the new format. Visit Trojan Web Express to check out the new Program Evaluation for students.

Chat Enhancements

Screenshot of Chat WindowInformation Technology has enhanced chat support for currently enrolled students. Students may now elect to chat with support staff related to their service questions such as Trojan WebExpress, Billing, Financial Aid, Records, and Advising.

Student’s may also continue to chat with IT and Blackboard support. You will find the chat button on the helpdesk website; You will need to register for a helpdesk account, if you are new to the system.

e2Campus/SOS (Emergency Information)

Screenshot of e2Campus WebsiteAll students are encouraged to sign up for the e2Campus alert system, which is used to send text message and e-mail notifications about safety issues that impact our locations. e2Campus is a component of our SOS (Emergency Information) Alert system. Only safety-related notices will be sent. You will not receive general information about events at the university and your contact information will not be shared with a third-party when you register.

You may also view notifications at our SOS Website and most alerts are also posted via our TROYUSOS Twitter account. The status of online services, such as Blackboard and E-mail, are posted to the Website and to our Twitter account.

Online Enhancements and Resources

Screenshot fo Current Students PageThe Information Technology department has developed several new Web resources for students. The new Trojan Website ( provides simpler navigation and enhanced search capabilities. In addition, the new Current Students section serves as a launchpad for students to quickly find useful information.

The IT department provides a wealth of information for students, which can be found in the Students section of the IT Website. An overview of various services is available along with links, guides, and general policies. For example, residential students at the Troy Campus can find more information about connecting gaming consoles to certain wireless networks.

Educational Technology Support (Blackboard)

Screenshot of Educational Technology Support WebsiteStudents taking courses with Blackboard should visit the new Education Technology Support site, which includes several different types of self-help resources for using the system. Resources include videos on using Blackboard and Proctored Exam Information.

If the self-help materials are not sufficient to address a problem you are experiencing then links to the Helpdesk and live chat are also available.

eTROY Instructional Design

If you are new to online learning at eTROY or have ever thought about enrolling in online courses, you will want to take the time to visit How Students Learn at eTROY. This non-credit module will give you an idea of how Blackboard works. You will also get a chance to sample real assignments from eTROY courses. Find out what a journal assignment in a Criminal Justice course looks like. Screenshot of eTROY Instructional Design Login PageExplore a hands-on art project from an eTROY art course or find out what is required as part of an interview exercise in a psychology class. Plus, you will learn how to become involved in your University from a distance. Be sure to check back often since we are continuously adding new examples and information.

Returning students may notice some changes to the menu in your online courses. For example, you will see standard links for Class Discussions (formerly Discussion Board), Assessments (previously Exams & Quizzes), Helpful Resources (previously External Links) and Course Materials (formerly Course Documents). These changes were made to better reflect the purposes of these buttons and to standardize the button menu across sections for easier course navigation.

Copyright Information and Best Practices

A compilation of copyright information is available in the IT Website for review. The page includes general guidelines and links for topics such as Fair Use, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and the university's Electronic Copyrights Infringements Policy.


Last Updated: 11/04/2013

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