Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the process of assessing what the institution wants to do in order to advance its mission and goals over a specific period of time. This involves evaluating existing and anticipated conditions and creating a vision of the future that is most beneficial for the institution.

Subsequently a set of actions, responsibilities and resources are agreed upon to move the university in that direction while monitoring, assessing, and adjusting the action plan as needed in order to make the vision a reality by a given time. The strategic plan is the basis for operational planning and budgeting and is reviewed monthly in the Chancellor’s Cabinet.

Troy University has a successful history of strategic planning that has enabled it to move from a multi-university consortium to one university. This planning history is captured in the Troy University Transformational Strategic Planning: The Journey to One Great University 1995-2005.

In A Case For Alabama's 21st Century University, university leadership and the Board of Trustees outline why it planned to move from a loose system of universities to one university. The Plan for One Great University: OGU 2003-2005, details the steps taken to accomplish what is envisioned in that case statement. The three separate institutions had campus plans that have been completed and the full report is available.

In December 2004, Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. authorized the development of a strategic planning process that would cover the period 2005-2010. The planning for Troy University: Vision 2010 was begun in January 2005 with the final plan approved by the Board of Trustees on March 10, 2006. A Mid-Plan Assessment was conducted for Vision 2010 in March of 2008, to demonstrate the progress being made on this first system-wide Strategic Plan.

In 2010, Troy University implemented Fulfilling the Promise Plan for 2010-2015. This plan focused on three initiatives: Increase engagement with stakeholders, Enhance Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Build for the Future. The 2010-2015 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees on July 23, 2010.

In 2015, Troy University began working with the Board of Trustee to create our next Strategic Plan. The University’s vision is to be recognized across Alabama and through the region as Alabama’s premier international university that provides affordable access to high quality education for traditional, adult and military students around the world. With their guidance, the Administration, and Faculty; the Troy University Vision of 2020 was approved by the Board of Trustees in July, 2015.

Documents for the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan can be viewed below:

Documents for previous strategic plans can be viewed below: