Merlot, Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, is a repository of links to online teaching materials organized in discipline communities. Peer reviews are available for many modules. These reviews are based on three criteria: quality of content, effectiveness as a teaching-learning tool and ease of use. Individual membership is free and allows you to contribute, make assignments and become a peer reviewer for your discipline. Membership is not required to browse or use materials. There is no charge for use of materials unless otherwise specified.

UMDNJ Center for Teaching Excellence provides links to a series of articles on active learning from various universities. Articles cover overviews of active learning, using question and discussion, creating group and collaborative learning, applying problem-based and case-based learning and utilizing self-directed/contract learning.

Penn State Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence,Large Class FAQ: Active Learning Elements (pdf)

Donald R. Paulson and Jennifer L. Faust, California State University, L. A., offer techniques to foster active learning in the college classroom. Individual exercises as well as cooperative scenarios are proposed.

Teaching and Learning Styles

Active and Collaborative Learning

"Navigating the Bumpy Road to Student-Centered Instruction", (Felder and Brent)

Best Practices in College Teaching webinar: Creating an Active Learning Environment (recordings available for download until October 2011)

Link to August 25, 2010, Recording

Link to October 19, 2010, Recording


Connexions is a place to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc. Anyone may view or contribute.

The IDEA Center.  A nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve colleges and universities committed to improving learning, teaching, and leadership performance.
World Lecture Hall:  The WLH publishes links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language. 

Online Instructional Resources:  An annotated collection of links for university instructors.

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Group helps college and university educators take advantage of changing technology so they can improve teaching and learning. 

The Education Arcade.  Exploring games that promote learning through authentic and engaging play.

Working on Writing at Colorado State University.

  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.  Founded in 1962 at the University of Michigan (U-M), the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) was the first teaching center in the country.
  • University of Texas at San Antonio. The UTSA Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is a proactive, professional, and visionary organization that inspires, supports, and recognizes good teaching practices, effective assessment, and student engagement.
  • University of Kansas - Center for Teaching Excellence.  Primary purpose is to build community among faculty members and to help them make student learning visible.
  • SUNY Fredonia Professional Development Center.  Provides a centralized location for collecting and disseminating information about professional development opportunities.
  • Central Michigan faculty development page.  Information and services for faculty teaching in CMU’s off-campus programs and those interested in receiving approval as part-time adjunct faculty.

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