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ProctorU is a company that offers live Internet proctoring via webcam. They offer proctoring services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You create an account with ProctorU and reserve a time slot for your exam. When you log back into the site for your exam appointment, a proctor makes a connection with your computer and supervises you while you take your test. Please watch the demonstration video and visit for more information.

ProctorU charges $25 for a 2-hour exam. Additional fees exist for longer exams and appointments scheduled less than four days ahead of time. Any online student who chooses to use the ProctorU option will need to meet the technology specifications required for a ProctorU exam. You need a webcam with a microphone and a good Internet connection to use ProctorU. You may purchase a webcam from any retail store, use one already built into your computer, or you may use an external webcam you already own. For more specific details about required technology, see

To get started, create an account with ProctorU and reserve a timeslot for your exam. After making an appointment with ProctorU, you will return to their website on the day of your appointment and login to your account. After clicking the "Go" button, you will then connect to a proctor, who will then verify your identity. You must present a valid driver's license or other picture ID and answer some questions to verify your identity. It is recommended that you have a second form of photo ID available.

Once you've made an appointment with ProctorU, please submit your eProctor Forms online.

Note - ProctorU may NOT be used with the following exams: MFTs, Graduate Comprehensive Exams, Capstone exams (BUS 6611, BUS 4476, BUS 4480, CJ 6690, COM 6699, HRM 4485, HRM 6698, MGT 4479, MGT 4484, MKT 4469, MSM 6650, PA 6699), and MSHRM Competency Exams.

*Webcams are available from any retail store.

Approved third party testing centers:

TROY Online has specific guidelines regarding the approval of third party testing centers. A third party testing center can be located at another college or university or at a company that offers tutoring and testing services. Military students may also use testing services at the education centers on military installations. If you decide to have your exam proctored at a third party testing center, please keep in mind that TROY Online can only approve locations that:

  • Are associated with a college/university, a tutoring/testing company (like a Sylvan or Prometrics), or a military education office
  • Employ trained/certified proctors
  • Provide proctoring on a regular basis
  • Have a computer lab dedicated only to testing that is quiet, well lit, and free from noise and distraction
  • Provide constant, in room supervision for the entirety of the exam
  • Have a legitimate business/professional/military email account. We cannot accept AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, or any other anonymous email account.
Here are some examples of third party testing centers that TROY Online has approved in the past:

Contact the proctor/testing center directly for information about services, hours of operation, or procedures specific to that location (like ebook usage policies) since these practices vary among universities, private testing centers, or other third party proctors. In most cases, you should expect to pay a fee for proctoring services. Fees average around $25, but can be higher or lower depending on the proctor you choose. Students are responsible for paying all applicable proctoring fees at the time of service. Some proctoring facilities may even require prepayment, so contact your requested proctor directly to confirm payment rates and options.

Proctors CANNOT be an attorney; your immediate supervisor; a religious leader (e.g. cleric, minister, priest, rabbi); a secretary or an office manager; an administrative assistant; a student tutor; a coworker; a TROY student; a family member or friend. To be approved to administer exams, a proctor must be affiliated with a suitable organization, such as a college testing center or other educational testing facility. TROY Online reserves the right to deny any proctor and/or assign proctors to students as necessary. Previous approval of a third party proctor does not automatically guarantee approval in subsequent terms or for subsequent exams.

A Troy University Campus or Site testing center:

Many TROY campuses and sites offer proctoring in their offices if they have the necessary staffing. Students should contact their nearest site to ensure availability before attempting to submit the Course Exam Proctor Form indicating that site as their proctor. Each TROY site has a designated proctor, and only this proctor may be used. No other TROY faculty or staff may serve as a proctor.

TROY sites are typically only open during business hours, so plan to schedule your exam accordingly. Click here for TROY site locations and contact information. To speak to the designated proctor at a Troy site and schedule a time to take your exam, call the appropriate phone number listed on the TROY site contact list and ask for the site proctor. You should contact the site proctor to verify that they are able to proctor your exam BEFORE submitting their information on your proctor form. Once you have confirmed availability, please submit your proctor form online at eProctor Forms.

Last Updated: 06/19/2018