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Attention students: Please include your full name, your Student ID Number, and the name of your course and instructor in your e-mail messages and voice mails! It is very difficult to respond to you if you don't provide this information.

Barbara Sanders
Proctor forms for: Graduate Comprehensive Exams and Deployed military students
1 (334) 670-5802

Tammy English - Sorrell College of Business
Proctor forms for: ACT, BUS, ECO, FIN, HRM, HSA, IS, LAW, MGT, MKT, MSM, and QM
MAPP and MFT exams
1 (334) 808-6459

Norma Turner - College of Arts and Sciences
Proctor forms for: ANT, BIO, CHM, CJ, CLA, CS, GEO, HIS, IR, LDR, MTH, PA, PHI, POL
1 (334) 808-6275

Shannon Carolipio - College of Communication and Fine Arts, College of Education,
and College of Health and Human Services

Proctor forms for: ART, CLA, COM, EDU, ENG, HSTM, KHP, MUS, NSG, PSY, SFM, SPN, TAX
1 (334) 808-6317


Last Updated: 09/26/2017