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ACCUPLACER Placement Exam

Attention Troy Campus Students: The information below is for TROY Online students Only and DOES NOT apply to those students who are taking their courses on a physical TROY campus (Troy, Montgomery, Dothan, or Phenix City). All on-campus students should contact the testing office at their home campus to schedule an appointment to take the placement exam. To reach the ACCUPLACER Testing Administrator for Alabama campuses, please contact 1 (334) 808 6241 or

ACCUPLACER Placement Exam

ACCUPLACER English and Math placement tests are required before students can register for a Math course or English composition course unless a student has previously taken a transferable course at another institution.

Students may register for MTH 0096 (Pre Algebra) without placement testing.

Students are exempt from the placement test if they meet the following criteria with scores less than 3 years old:

Course ACT Score SAT Score
ENG 1101
(Comp I)
20 - 29 510 - 710
ENG 1102
(Comp II)
30 - 34 720 - 740
ENG 2205/2206
(World Lit I/II)
35 - 36 750 - 800
MTH 1110/1112
(Finite Math or Pre-Calculus Alegbra)
23 - 24 550 - 580
MTH 1125
(Calculus I)
25 590 or higher

Math and English placement is determined by the score indicated on the ACCUPLACER computer based test. Score reports will be printed immediately.


Please complete the ACCUPLACER Registration Form. A representative from TROY Online will locate a proctor in your area that administers the ACCUPLACER Placement Exam and set you up to test there. You will receive an email from the Test Administrator that provides you with the information you need to schedule an appointment to take your exam.

Costs: Troy University pays the exam fee, but if you test at another college/university, a proctoring fee may be required. There is no proctoring fee required for testing at a TROY site.


Important Information
  • Testers must be admitted to Troy University and have a valid Student ID number in order to take the ACCUPLACER Placement Exam through Troy University.
  • A picture ID is required to take the ACCUPLACER Placement Exam.
  • Things to Know/Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you have additional questions, please send an email to

Study Materials

ACCUPLACER Prep Materials

Free ACCUPLACER Practice App

***Troy University students should use the Classic ACCUPLACER study guides (Elementary Algebra, College Algebra, and WritePlacer)


Last Updated: 06/28/2018