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The Proctored Exam:

A proctored exam is a test taken under the supervision of a qualified person or with the use of an electronic device that allows a qualified person to monitor your activity. Many TROY Online courses now require a proctored exam. Your instructor will indicate this requirement via the online schedule of classes, the course syllabus, a Canvas announcement, or by email. The TROY Online Testing Staff also sends email notifications to every student enrolled in a course that requires a proctored exam.

Proctoring Options:

A proctor is an approved person that administers a proctored exam and agrees to fulfill the PROCTOR RESPONSIBILITIES required by TROY Online. The proctor policy requires students use one of the following options:

  • An approved third party certified commercial testing proctoring service;
  • An approved technology-based proctoring option;
  • An approved Military Education Office testing office;
  • A Troy University campus or site testing center, if available.
Click here to read details about each option. Technology based options may not be available for all tests (some courses have special requirements), so review this link carefully for specific information.

Verifying a proctor's qualifications and identity is integral to the academic integrity of Troy University's online programs. To be approved to administer TROY Online exams, a proctor must be affiliated with a suitable organization, such as a college academic testing center or other educational testing facility. If the credentials provided by the student or requested proctor are found to be fraudulent, the student may face academic discipline to include receiving a failing grade for the exam and retaking the exam with a proctor designated by TROY Online. Academic discipline may also include additional disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion from the university.

Proctors CANNOT be an attorney; your immediate supervisor; a religious leader (e.g. cleric, minister, priest, rabbi); a secretary or an office manager; an administrative assistant; a librarian; a student tutor; a coworker; a TROY student; a family member or friend. TROY Online reserves the right to deny any proctor and/or assign proctors to students as necessary. Previous approval of a third party proctor does not automatically guarantee approval in subsequent terms or for subsequent exams.

Making Proctored Exam Arrangements:

This information applies to Canvas course exams. For information about specialized exams like MFTs, MAPPs, ACCUPLACER, MAT, etc., please see the Other Exams section below.

Step 1: To make arrangements for the proctored course exam, check your course syllabus, course announcements, or other course information for the dates of your proctored exam. Instructors will notify the TROY Online Testing Staff of those proctored exam dates the first week of the term. Contact your instructor directly if the dates of the proctored exam are not clear. Once you have determined the dates of the proctored exam, select a proctoring method.

Step 2: You must select an appropriate proctor within the first three weeks of the term.

Tips on Starting this process
  • See if ProctorU is an approved proctor for your course.
  • Look for a TROY campus or site near you that can proctor your exam.
  • Contact a local community college/university to see if they have a computer lab that offers proctoring services for distance learning students.
  • Contact a Sylvan Learning Center or Prometrics facility near you to see if their facility offers proctoring services.
  • If you are in the military, you can contact your education officer to learn about proctoring services available to you.

Step 3: Submit your choice on the TROY Online Proctor Form. Do this well in advance of your test! Please keep in mind that all proctors must meet the criteria listed above and are subject to approval by TROY Online.

Step 4: Check your TROY email address for confirmation and further instructions. Please note that all official correspondence regarding proctored exams will be sent to your email address, so be sure to check your TROY email address regularly for important information. Failure to do so can result in students missing important information about taking the proctored exam, a proctor's approval, or a proctor's denial. If you do not see a confirmation email, check your junk/spam folders, or feel free to contact the TROY Online Testing Staff regarding the status of your proctor form.

Academic Integrity:

Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship. Online assignments are subject to exactly the same standards of integrity that apply to traditional classroom assignments. According to the Troy University Oracle (Student Handbook), "All students enrolling in Troy University assume an obligation to conduct themselves at all times (both on and off campus) as responsible members of the campus community and in accordance with standards of common decency and decorum, with recognition and respect for the personal and property rights of others and the educational mission of the university" (Page 48). All students should familiarize themselves with Troy University's Standards of Conduct. Failure to adhere to the Standards of Conduct or any suspicion of academic dishonesty will result in disciplinary action.

Some examples of academic dishonesty include but are not limited to:
  • Use of textbooks, notes or any unauthorized materials during an exam
  • Looking at other student's test during an exam
  • Use of unauthorized websites during computerized exams
  • Having someone take an exam for you or taking the exam for someone else
  • Assisting someone in one of these behaviors
  • Using or attempting to use a proctor that does not meet Troy University's criteria for approved proctors

Important Information

  • ProctorU: ProctorU is set up ahead of time with all necessary exam information. Even so, you should still submit the online proctor form selecting ProctorU as your proctoring option in order to receive pertinent information like how to schedule your exam with ProctorU online and how to test your webcam and internet speed prior to your exam. ProctorU may NOT be used with the following exams: MFTs, Graduate Comprehensive Exams, Capstone exams (BUS 6611, BUS 4476, BUS 4480, CJ 6690, COM 6699, HRM 4485, HRM 6698, MGT 4479, MGT 4484, MKT 4469, MSM 6650, PA 6699), and MSHRM Competency Exams.

  • Deployed military students: If none of the approved proctoring options are available to you because you are deployed overseas, TROY Online will allow an officer with a rank of O-2, E-7, or W-2 or higher to act as your proctor. Please email TROY Online testing staff with the details of your situation (see "Contact Us" below).

  • Testing at a Troy site: Some Troy sites are able to proctor if they have the necessary staffing. Please visit the following link to find the contact information for the designated proctor at the site you wish to use: Site Info. Students should contact the site proctor to ensure availability before attempting to submit the Course Exam Proctor Form indicating that site as their proctor.

  • Formative Exams: Please note that formative exams (ACT 2292, LAW 2221, & QM 2241) are given the Sunday thru Saturday of the final week of each term.

Specialty Exams

Undergraduate MFT/MAPP Exams


Graduate Comprehensive Exam

Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

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