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Internship Waiver Form Instructions

Follow the guidelines below when completing the Internship Waiver Form.

Students with less than one year work experience in a paraprofessional, professional, technical, or supervisory position that involves relevant service to the profession and/or public service are required to complete PA 6694 Internship. Students may substitute the PA 6694 Internship course for one (1) elective concentration course. However, the student’s internship must be approved by the PA 6694 instructor in advance and performed in an area that is related to the student’s identified concentration (2017-2018 Graduate Catalog, p. 40).

The student must provide a description of their work experience, which will be attached to this form. The MPA Faculty Adviser may verify this work experience.

PA 6694 Internship (3 credit hours) can be taken by MPA students who are not required to do so as a fourth elective course. The Internship cannot be used to satisfy an elective or core course requirement.

PA 6694 Internship can only be used once for three (3) credit hours and must be approved by the MPA Faculty Adviser.

For more information, please refer to the Internship Policies, which are available from your faculty adviser.

In order to waive the requirement, students should submit this form with their online advisement form. Students who are gaining their work experience while in the program may submit the form up to two terms before graduation.

Submit this form to your Student Services Advisor.


*Save the form to your computer first; then open and complete form, save it, and email to your Faculty Adviser. To view the form you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on the icon below if you need to download a free version:


Last Updated: 05/19/2017

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