Canvas Timeline


General Timeline

The following timeline highlights the key aspects of the Transition Plan:

Spring 2017
  • Canvas Preparation: Course migration from Bb, Third-party vendor integrations, user and course push for Term 5/Summer courses
  • Prepare instructor training sessions; prepare end-user resources
  • Prepare student training course and student guides
  • Create Dev Shells and Organizations
  • March 8th: Open Canvas to all instructors and staff for development of courses and organization sites
  • March 20-31: Offer TROY training event on all campuses
  • Online self-paced training course available in Canvas
  • Term 5/Summer course development and preparation
  • Market Canvas through Trojan Café, University Blogs, Tropolitan and social media
  • Launch of Canvas webpage
Summer 2017
  • Canvas Deployment Phase 1: Run courses for Term 5/Summer for first three colleges migrating to Canvas:
  1. College of Education
  2. College of Health & Human Services
  3. College of Communication & Fine Arts
  • Provide training opportunities and one-on-one consultations with Instructional Design staff and Technical Support staff
  • Make improvements based on feedback from Canvas Phase 1 group
  • Prepare for Fall/Term 1 – instructor training and course development
  • Student training at IMPACT and online
Fall 2017
  • Full Launch: All courses and students populate in Canvas for use
  • Continue providing training opportunities and one-on-one consultations
  • Canvas open house events

*Blackboard Retirement: License for Blackboard ends October 31, 2017. Bb courses, organizations, and content collection files become permanently unavailable.