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TROY is transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas!

Canvas Adoption Timeline
Faculty Announcements:

Need to know information for Faculty:
  • URL for Canvas is
  • Canvas username and password will be the same as Trojan Web Express and Email.
  • All course information from Spring/Term 3, 2016 - Spring/Term 2, 2016 will be migrated over to Canvas by the Ed. Tech. Team.
  • Courses taught before 2016 can be migrated to Canvas by request through the ticket system choosing Canvas as the problem type.
  • Faculty development shells will not automatically be migrated over. Faculty can use the instructions in the "Moving Materials from Blackboard to Canvas" document to move over DEV shell information from Blackboard to Canvas if necessary. Contact Educational Technology for help if you need assistance with this process.
  • Faculty will receive three new development shells for Canvas. If additional development shells are needed, please make that request through the ticket system choosing Canvas as the problem type.
  • Blackboard CMS content will not automatically migrate over to Canvas. Faculty can follow the instructions in the "Moving Content from Content Management System to Office 365" document to move CMS information to OneDrive within Office 365. Contact Educational Technology for help if you need assistance with this process.
  • Blackboard Collaborate videos will not be moved to Canvas. Instructors will need to download all videos/lectures in a MP4 format and save them for upload into Canvas. Please submit a ticket or click the "Live Chat" feature in Blackboard or on for assistance.
  • Faculty will automatically be enrolled in a "Welcome to Canvas" course that you will see when you initially log in (this course does not serve as a Canvas certification course). The course contains getting started tutorials and other valuable information. Faculty will remain enrolled in this course so they can refer back to the tutorials when needed.
  • The Term 5/Summer courses will be pushed to the Canvas system on March 8th and be ready for course development*. You will not see your courses for upcoming terms/semesters until you become Canvas Proficient. Participating in the upcoming training sessions will help you gain that proficiency. To register for one of the Canvas introductory training sessions, visit the TROY University Center for Excellence in eTeaching. To enroll in the online self-paced Canvas certification course please send an email to
    *PLEASE NOTE: Instructors teaching in Summer/Term 5 will lose access to their Term 5 course shell if they have not attended training and become Canvas certified by May 12, 2017. Those instructors will then need to complete Canvas certification to regain access to their course shell.
  • The Academic deans chose when each college would make the transition to Canvas. Please find below a timeline for the migration to Canvas:
    1. College of Health and Human Services - Canvas - Summer/Term 5
    2. College of Education - Canvas - Summer/Term 5
    3. College of Communications and Fine Arts - Canvas - Summer/Term 5
    4. First Year Studies - Canvas - Fall/Term 1
    5. Sorrell College of Business - Canvas - Fall/Term 1
    6. College of Arts and Sciences - Canvas - Fall/Term 1
  • Please ensure you follow the recommendation of the Deans and not attempt to move to Canvas earlier than outlined above to help reduce confusion for students. If you are still unsure when you will begin teaching in Canvas, please email Kim Shaver for assistance.
  • Canvas has an awesome mobile app for both iOS and Android. Download the Canvas by Instructure app. today to see all the great things you and your students can do in Canvas.