Admission Requirements

The admission policies of TROY are designed to meet your needs. Most applicants who have a high school diploma or the equivalent can be admitted and register for undergraduate courses. By the end of the first term of enrollment, a student who plans to earn a degree at TROY must make sure that official transcripts have been sent from each institution previously attended.

Undergraduate admission requirements     Graduate admission requirements

The Oracle (the student handbook)

This handbook (The Oracle) for students is a compilation of Troy University rules, regulations, policies, and procedures pertaining to all students and student organizations. The handbook is published annually by the Office of Student Services. All rules, regulations, policies, and procedures referred to and described herein are subject to review and evaluation and to change without notice. Although the publisher of this Oracle has made every reasonable effort to attain factual accuracy herein, no responsibility is assumed for editorial, clerical, or printing errors or errors occasioned by honest mistake.

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Last Updated: 07/02/2018