ACCELERATE Dual Enrollment Online


The ACCELERATE dual enrollment program at Troy University has given me a first-hand account of college classes without breaking the bank or having to go by other people's experiences. The teachers want you to be successful if you give it your all, and they are willing to work with you if you lead a busy high school life. Participating in this program has never made me miss out on any high school event, such as a marching band event, my best friend's graduation or the football team's first victory of the year. And if you think these classes won't benefit you until you actually go to college, think again: I often find myself quoting Western Civilization topics in my literature class and using computer skills learned by taking online classes in my high school classes.

- Kristy, 12th grade, Moultrie, GA

The ACCELERATE program has challenged my son to remain disciplined in his studies.  He is moving forward faster than I could imagine because he has a goal set before him.

- Kim, ACCELERATE mom, Dothan, AL

I think this program is great. It is very convenient. You can do your work whenever and wherever you have Internet access. I am learning a lot from the course I am taking, and I would recommend it to anyone who was potentially interested.

- Amy, 11th grade, Mobile, AL

All the comments I have received from the students taking the ACCELERATE classes have been positive... like that their ACCELERATE teachers were very helpful to them and always answered any questions they had about the class. I had one student say that they were so proud that they took their English class this summer (making an A!) and feel it will be a great help next year after graduation. This same student wants to take as many more ACCELERATE classes as possible before the end of the school year.

- Susan, School Counselor, Troy, AL

I think the ACCELERATE program is a great way to get started with college. I've learned so much already and feel like I'll be prepared more once I graduate. It has also helped me be more independent with my study skills. I think every high school student should try it. It's been great so far for me.

- Cameron, 12th grade, Alabaster, AL

Our students are enjoying the flexibility of completing their class work with freedoms previously only known to college students. Their classes have been challenging, but they have discovered they are prepared to meet the expectations of college level courses! Thank you, Troy University, for offering this opportunity to my students.

- Destiny, School Counselor, Mobile, AL

Last Updated: 03/21/2018