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Writing Guides

Documentation Guides (citations and references)

What is documentation? What is a style guide? Answers to these and other questions are provided in the Troy University Library Tutorial.

Citing the World Wide Web in Style includes sections for

Hanging indents: Using Microsoft Word to format your documentation. See APA LibGuide.

APA Style Helper: Capitalizing the Title of Your Paper and the Titles of References. See APA LibGuide.

APA-style running head and page numbers: Using Microsoft Word to format your paper. See APA LibGuide.

Guide to Referencing Mental Measurements Yearbook. See LibGuide.

American Psychological Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA) handouts from the Troy University Writing Center

Other writing resources

Writing Assistance Troy University Writing Center and other resources.

A Student Guide to Plagiarism PDF helps students understand what plagiarism is and how they can avoid plagiarizing.

A Faculty Guide to Plagiarism PDF is a guide to how faculty can detect plagiarism and how faculty and administrators can help students avoid plagiarizing.

A Guide to Writing Resources PDF Identifying print and online sources to improve writing, grammar, etc.

Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word PDFhelping writers to format college papers according to commonly used style.

Using Quotations and Quotation Marks in College Writing PDF A technical guide, targeted at users of Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) style.

Proofreading a College Paper: Guidelines and Checklist PDF