Gift Policy

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Troy University Libraries accept gifts of useful materials, or money to purchased materials, provided they fit into the collection development policy and provided there are no restrictions attached as to their disposition or location.

The Library staff will determine the suitability of individual gift items for the collection in accordance with the stated collection development policy.

Generally, the Library will not maintain gift collections as separate entities.

Gifts of materials will be accepted with the understanding that all materials not added to the Library's permanent collection will be disposed of in a way most advantageous to the Library.  Such ways may include sales to dealers, exchange for other more needed materials, book sales to the University community, and discard.

Donors are entitled to an acknowledgment for gifts received but as an interested party, the Library is normally precluded from providing an evaluation of gift materials.

Gifts honoring friends or relatives and gifts memorializing deceased friends or relatives are accepted.  A letter of appreciation will be sent to the donor and an acknowledgment to the person so honored.  In the event of someone memorialized, a letter of appreciation will be sent to the donor and/or to a member of the decedent's family.

The Library reserves the right to keep or dispose of any gift materials based upon the collection needs and policy.



Last Updated: 07/04/2017