Collection Development Policy

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The Collection Development Policy for the Troy University Dothan Library is intended to provide guidance for building a strong collection in support of the instructional and service programs at the University.  It is a working guide for the task of balancing the great mass of publications available, limited monetary resources, limited shelf space, and the needs of the library users.

The policy consists of general guidelines and of selection and deselection policies for each Library of Congress classification.

The University comprises several fundamental areas of instruction: offered are 11 Bachelor of Science degrees; 11 Bachelor of Arts degrees; 5 Bachelor of Science in Education degrees, 5 Bachelor of Arts in Education degree, 9 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, and 1 Bachelor of Applied Science degree.  In addition, Troy University Dothan Campus offers graduate programs leading to a Masters Degree.

The library seeks to provide service to numerous clientele:

  • Troy students: undergraduate and graduate
  • Faculty and administrative staff
  • Local high school students
  • Courtesy card holders, such as Houston Love Library card holders, Wallace College
  • Local population


Last Updated: 07/04/2017