MODULE 8: Writing, Style and Documentation, Plagiarism:
Section 2 of 5, WRITING IMPROVEMENT, page 2 of 4.


The Troy University Writing Center

The services of the Troy University Writing Center (Troy campus) are provided for any student who is enrolled for at least one credit hour in residence at the Troy campus; however, other Troy University students will be assisted as time, personnel, and resources permit. Usually you can e-mail your paper, and any questions you may have, to, and someone will respond, often within 48 hours. You can also call and talk to a tutor or the Writing Center coordinator at 334-670-3305. Tutoring sessions by e-mail or phone cannot be so specific or detailed as a face-to-face visit, but they can help you address any major questions.

The TROY Writing Center has an online presence at <>. This site provides numerous guides to all aspects of writing.

STUDENTS: From the Writing Center home page, try the links available from the Handouts listing on the left-side menu. Guides are available for all aspects of writing—from the beginning of the process to the very end.

INSTRUCTORS: From the Writing Center home page, try the link for Instructor Resources. This area provides handouts to assist you in your capacity as instructor.


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