MODULE 6: The WWW and Other Sources of Information:
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Modules 3, 4, and 5 of this tutorial focused on certain types of materials available from the Library, i.e., print sources (books and articles) and electronic sources accessed via TROY-provided databases.

There are many other information sources out there, as well. For example:

The nature of some of these sources dictates that only the researcher himself or herself can obtain them. As much as the Library staff would enjoy taking in a play or concert, or watching a movie or television program for you, if you want to use resources like those, you will have to buy the popcorn. Likewise, if the researcher wants to conduct an interview or original research, then it is up to them to do so.

While the Library databases do contain such information as speeches (in print, audio, and video formats), other speeches or lectures, etc., might be attended, in person, by the researcher.

Some of the sources listed above are available through the Library's print collection and/or online databases (government documents and legal sources, for example); others are readily available from the Internet.

This module will demonstrate the accessing of a variety of information sources openly available on the Internet.


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