MODULE 4: Articles as Information Sources:
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Let's use the same topic, glass ceiling, but approach it from another angle. Instead of a business or management database, let's try one for counseling.

The database we will use is ProQuest Pyschology Journals. To log in, we click on the name of the database and are presented with a login screen. The username and password to access the databases of the Troy University Library are your TROY e-mail username and password.

The search screen is similar to, but not exactly the same as, the one used in the previous example. The same types of limiter checkboxes are there, but they are labeled a little differently.

A search for glass ceiling (no limiters set), finds more than a thousand items. With both limiters set, we have still have 150+ items.

Quick tech note—Portable Document Format (PDF):

Documents from databases and from other online resources may take the form of a PDF file that requires Adobe Reader (software) to view. You can obtain this free software from the Adobe WWW site at <>.

The items labeled as Full text (without the PDF notation), are displayed as a Web page.

Quick vocabulary note—Abstract mean summary:

The abstract lets the reader get a quick idea what the article is about.

Sample abstract.


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