MODULE 3: Books as Information Sources:
Section 4 of 6, LIBARARY DATABASES FOR BOOKS, page 4 of 5.


Remember: The username and password to access the databases of the Troy University Library is your TROY e-mail username and password.

Perhaps we know the exact title of a book we want. According to the Online Catalog, we should be able to find the book Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers.

The databases usually do not care about capitalization, so lower case is always the safest way to go. Try this title search (live) to see how it works.

A great way to search is by keyword. The database searches for the words you enter in the within the title, subject, and descriptive terms associated with each book.

This keyword search...

...locates more than 30 books.

Try this: Perform that search (a keyword search for the term french revolution) and, from the results list, add one or more books to your favorites by clicking the Add to Favorites link associated with the individual books; then click the Favorites and Notes link at the top of the screen to see a list of your favorites.

A subject search for the word birds locates more than 40 books, one of which is the book Birds of the Salton Sea: Status, Biogeography, and Ecology. Let's take a closer look.



On the left side, we are shown the table of contents (pictured below). If you are following along, live, try out the Notes tool.

A powerful tool is the ability to Search this eContent (look for words anywhere in the book). Search box pictured above, results pictured below.

To the right of the table of contents, the complete text of the book is provided (excerpt pictured below). For this particular book, NetLibrary provides the ability to print, e-mail, and save portions of the text (not the entire book). These capabilities vary from book to book and database to database.



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