MODULE 3: Books as Information Sources:
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Let's see how these work.

The important thing is to get the general idea—not to try to memorize exactly what each button is labeled and what it does. You can always refer to this tutorial or ask a librarian for assistance.

Earlier in this module, while trying out the Online Catalog, we saw mostly information about print books, but we also found information about an electronic book. The book is Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers. While the catalog lists eBooks, it does not contain them (just as it does not contain the print books ... it just tells you where they are).

The books are located in book databases. You must go into the book databases to access the books. Some databases specialize in certain subject areas. For example, PsycBooks covers the field of psychology. Other databases provide broad subject coverage.

This is where you find the databases! The databases can be accessed from any of the TROY Library Web sites (Troy, Dothan, Montgomery, or Global Campus), or simply by selecting the Databases link from the "Welcome to Troy University Libraries" main page <>.

All of the campus Library Web sites can be accessed via that same page as well.

Down the rabbit hole.


If you are viewing this tutorial from a computer with Internet access, you may wish to follow along by performing the example searches live, for yourself.

To do so, simply open a second browser window or tab. Read the tutorial in one and perform the searches in another.




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