MODULE 3: Books as Information Sources:
Section 4 of 6, LIBARARY DATABASES FOR BOOKS, page 1 of 5.


The databases discussed here are provided by Troy University for their patrons. They may be accessed by faculty, staff, and registered students (taking classes during the current class term).

Book databases include:


As the saying goes, now we are cooking with gas.

Electronic books (eBooks) can be accessed by users anywhere, anytime.

Vital information: The username and password to access the databases of the Troy University Library is your TROY e-mail username and password.


Photograph by Marina Burity. 

Quick tech note—Portable Document Format (PDF ):

Documents from databases and from other online resources may take the form of a PDF file that requires Adobe Reader (software) to view. You can obtain this free software from the Adobe WWW site at <>.


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