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Troy University Archives

Origin and Purpose

The Troy University Archives was formally founded in January of 2013 at the Troy University campus in Troy, Alabama. The purpose for the creation of this archive is manifold, though in general the primary reasons are: - To ensure the proper assessment, processing, cataloging and preservation of the thousands of records held by the University, of many different types and formats, in keeping with best archival practices - To ensure the free and open availability of these records to all scholars, researchers, faculty, alumni, students or other interested parties - To modernize the collection through the process of full digitization of all archival holdings as appropriate, thus facilitating the availability of these records to a much wider and more diverse audience - To promote Troy University to the world and to safeguard the traditions and history of this unique and innovative institution.

Mission Statement

The Troy University Archives abides by the following simple Mission Statement: "The mission of the Troy University Archives is to collect, assess, accession, catalog, arrange, preserve, and make available records of enduring historical and/or informational value created or received by Troy University for research, instructional, historical or administrative use.


The Troy University Archives is located at the central Troy campus in Troy, Alabama, housed within the Library in Lurleen Burns Wallace Hall. The primary holdings are currently stored within secured rooms on the 3rd floor of this building, while archival materials processing, digitization and preservation takes place in room 225 Wallace Hall. The office of the University Archivist is in room 317A Wallace Hall. Work is underway related to the creation of a dedicated archival materials storage space sufficient to house all physical records deemed necessary or proper for long-term preservation, as well as to provide space for all electronic and computer systems which support the archives. This new space will provide a much more secure area which will control access to records, ensure proper environmental conditions, and prevent material loss of historical records as much as is possible due to infestation, fire, water damage or other similar threat.

Hours of Operation

The Troy University Archives is open by appointment only. . For an appointment, please contact Mrs. Maurice Tillery at 334-670-3266 or Maurice Tillery


The University Archives strives to provide open availability and to respond to all request for information or access to holdings in a timely manner. During normal hours of operation any researcher scholar, faculty member, staff member or student is welcome to come to the Archives in person for research purposes. Additionally, a great deal of effort is being expended to provide as much of the Archives' holdings as can be practically made available online through a number of sources, such as the Cuadra STAR archival catalog database system maintained by the University Archives, the Internet Archive, and Alabama Mosaic, which is administered by the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Requests for information and materials are accepted via email and by phone as well, and high resolution reproductions of most Archives records are available for a nominal fee.


University Archives staff at present is comprised of:
- Dr. Christopher Shaffer, Dean of Libraries
- 334 670-3263/3266
- Maurice Tillery-Administrative Secretary
- 334 670-3266

A number of others provide invaluable support to the University Archives from the Library staff, the Technical Services division and from a number of other departments and facilities both at the central Troy University campus and at several other affiliate locations.

Links to Online Materials

The Troy University Archives currently has a limited number of collections materials digitized and available for research online. These materials include The Palladium, the annual yearbook for Troy University, as well as a number of historical monographs, photographs and other materials related to the University. Some of these materials are being hosted by the Internet Archive organization. There are also examples of the Wade Hall Postcard collection available for viewing on the Alabama Mosaic site. Access to all digitized materials can be obtained by contacting the University Archivist at and requesting a username and password to allow access to the system. Direct links to materials hosted remotely are available at the sites below.

Digitized versions of The Palladium and other materials mentioned above can be found at

Historical Scenes of Alabama

Thousands of postcards depicting streets and historical buildings throughout Alabama. These are a small sampling of the expansive Wade Hall Postcard Collection which is held in the Troy University Library Archives. By clicking on the "Special Traveling Exhibit" box, you can access the select postcards that comprise the Wade Hall Traveling Exhibits and see the itineraries for both exhibits.

For more information contact Ruth Elder - Troy University Library - 334-670-3874


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