Fieldwork Hours

The Fieldwork & Observations Hours PDF form should be printed and signed by the corresponding authority figure (presenter, interpreter, administrator present, etc), not by another student or someone who was not in attendance. No forms will be accepted without signatures. Please read the directions on the form carefully. The completed form should be submitted to the instructor before the end of the semester/term or whenever the instructor designates.

Field Work & Observation Form [PDF]

To receive full credit for Fieldwork hours, students must follow the link to input Fieldwork & Observation hours for EACH class. This is the same information you are turning in to your instructor but must also be submitted here. Failure to complete both processes by the due date designated by your instructor will result in a 0 for the Fieldwork & Observation grade in your course. This information will be kept for the Interpreter Training Program's record and students' portfolios.

Field Work & Observation Form [Online]