American Sign Language & Interpreter Training Program Club Events

This link will provide you with helpful information to participate in various programs offered by the Troy ITP online including streaming workshops, classes using streaming media, etc. The link will provide you ​with information on technical specifics to make sure your experience is enjoyable. We strongly recommend testing out your video system at least a few days prior to any event. This will enable us to work out any obstacles to enjoying your participation effortlessly. We hope you have a great experience and we will do everything in our capabilities to make sure that is possible!

If you have any questions about the club, please contact or search for "ASL/ITP Club" on Facebook.

The Troy Interpreter Training Program Team

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ASL & ITP 2013-2014 Board Members

Anna Hayes

Anna Hayes is from Equality, Alabama. She is in her fourth year at Troy University and is very excited to be the 2013-2014 President of the ASL/ITP Club. She started learning ASL at as a freshman at Troy and has been a club member since then. She will plans on graduating in the spring of 2015. She looks forward to the upcoming year and learning more about ASL and Deaf Culture with her classmates, and hopes to find new ways for the club to give back to the Deaf community.

Haley Harris
Vice President

Haley is from Gardendale, AL. She is currently a Sophomore. Her goal, as the new Vice President, is to improve her skills and be available to encourage other students to press on to accomplish their goals as well. She is super excited about this upcoming year!

Jamie Sanders

Jamie Sanders is the secretary for the 2013-2014 ASL/ ITP Club. She is from Goshen, Alabama, which is close to Troy, so she has grown up around Troy University. However, she was unaware that Troy offered this major or even had any American Sign Language classes. She chose to take ASL 1 as an elective when another class cancelled. With no prior knowledge of the language except the alphabet, she quickly changed my major so she could learn more. Learning a new language is a challenge, but there is something about the beauty of ASL and constantly learning new things that has developed a passion. She encourages you to take part in the ASL/ITP Club and help increase your skills and learn more about the language.

Dorothy Vernon

Dorothy is from Anniston, AL. ASL is her passion, and she loves opportunities to learn more about the language and Deaf Culture. She plans to become an interpreter in the legal field upon graduation in a few years. She is very excited to have the opportunity to serve the ASL/ ITP Club and the Deaf community as Treasurer this year. She hopes to continue to grow the club and encourage service to the Deaf community this year.​