About the Interpreter Training Program

The Interpreter Training Program (ITP) at Troy University is a four-year Bachelors of Science degree program that offers students an opportunity to pursue a career in interpreting. Interpreting, as a profession, facilitates communication between individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing using American Sign Language (ASL) or a form of visual language and spoken English. For more references about the interpreting profession, please refer to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf website (www.rid.org) and Discover Interpreting at www.discoverinterpreting.org.

Troy University's ITP also offers an ASL Minor. A Minor in American Sign Language can be a benefit for any major: nursing, psychology, education, and criminal justice, to name a few. Students will become more marketable with ASL included in their skills.

The Interpreter Training Program courses can be taken either on-campus, online, or a combination of the two. On-campus courses offer a classroom setting in addition to a language lab that utilizes video cameras, videophones, DVD players, and computers. This lab affords students the opportunity to develop and practice American Sign Language (ASL) skills as well as ASL-to-English and English-to-ASL interpreting. Troy University's distance learning program, TROY Online, offers the Interpreter Training Program online to allow students to receive the same benefits of the program as students attending on-campus at Troy. Currently, Troy University is the only university in Alabama to offer a Bachelor's degree in Interpreting.

While interpreters are a key part of communication for individuals, they are also viewed as part of a culture: the cultural experiences of Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Deaf-Blind communities. Students often start out with a basic knowledge of American Sign Language and expand their knowledge as they develop, personally and professionally. Prospective interpreters will find themselves participating within the community that they work in.

Partners and sponsors of the Interpreter Training Program include:

  • Alabama Dual Party Relay Board
  • Alabama Department of Education
  • Alabama Department of Mental Health
  • Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind