Welcome to the Trojan Family!  

Welcome to Troy University!

The Human Resources Department is excited to welcome you to the Trojan Family! We hope that you'll find Troy University to be an engaging and fulfilling place to work.

This email contains the steps you need to take in order to finalize your employment.

Please take time to watch our New Hire Orientation video during your first week to learn more about us: Link to Video (approximately 45 minutes long)
If you experience any issues with this training, please contact Jenna Richards at jbrichards@troy.edu

If you have any questions about your new employment please contact Stacy Morgan morgans@troy.edu (334) 670-3338

Important Steps for Part-time New Hires

All forms must be completed and submitted to Human Resources by your second day of employment. For Faculty members, this will be the second day from your contract date.

1. I-9 Employment Eligibility

Your I-9 can be completed in two ways:
a. Go to a Troy University Human Resources Office in person with two forms of acceptable ID (listed on Page 3 of the document)
b. Have your Supervisor certify your I-9 by signing Section 2 at the bottom of this form
Note: If you did not include a copy of your social security card as part of your I-9 documentation, you must also submit a copy within two days in order to become established in our payroll system and for you to get paid.
If you are a remote employee who does not work with any other Troy employees, please contact HR for instructions on how to complete the I-9 process.

2. W-4 Federal Tax Form

Link to Form

3. State Tax Form

Please select the Tax/Other Forms menu option and select appropriate state from the dropdown list.
Link to Form

4. Employee Information and Direct Deposit Form

Link to Form

5. Information Technology New Employee Checklist

Each employee, consultant, student, or person granted access to data and information holds a position of trust and must preserve the security and confidentiality of the information he/she uses. Users of Troy University data and information are required to abide by all applicable Federal and State guidelines and Troy University policies regarding confidentiality of data, including, but not limited to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Link to Form

6. Confidentiality Agreement

Link to Form

7. Staff Handbook

Link to Staff Handbook Link to Faculty Handbook

8. Voluntary Demographics Form

Link to Form

Troy University Human Resources // 107 Wright Hall, Troy Campus // trojan.troy.edu/hr