Liability Insurance

General Liability Certificates of Insurance (COI)

The purpose of a certificate of insurance is to provide proof of coverage under Troy University’s insurance for University related business, proceedings and/or events. Please note that as an entity of the state of Alabama, the university cannot list others as an additional insured on its policies or agree to indemnify them.

How to Obtain a COI for Proof of Coverage

A request for a COI may be made by emailing the request to RMSI to or or by faxing to 334-670-5666. The requestor will need to provide the following information:

  • The Certificate holder name and address.
  • A description of operations or event for which the COI is desired.
  • Dates of an event if applicable.
  • Limits of liability needed.

Once the COI is issued, it will be emailed/faxed/mailed to the requestor and/or the certificate holder.

Insurance Recommendations for Projects/Contracts

Recommend use of contracts for all projects above $1000

Contracts should include:
  • Indemnification statements
  • Primary and Non-contributing statements
  • Workers Compensation provisions
Certificates of Insurance
  • Minimum $1 million per occurrence; $2 million aggregate limits
  • Coverage amounts may vary by project size
  • Umbrella Policy coverage may be recommended for larger construction projects
  • Additional Insured Status