Required Training

Required Training Session
Troy University Employees


Americans With Disabilities Act and Related Laws

This training session will provide:
1. An overview of the laws related to accommodating student and employee disabilities.
2. Analysis of specific accommodations and requests.
3. Procedures and resources for student accommodation requests and designing accessible course material.
4. Procedures for employee accommodation requests.

ALL employees who received this email must complete this training. Training must be completed by midnight on Friday APRIL 27, 2018.


This training session is offered on-demand through Canvas. Canvas accounts have been created for you if you did not already have one.
1. Navigate to and log in with your Trojan Web Express credentials.
2. Select the Human Resources Training course that you have been assigned.
3. Select Modules from the list on the left.
4. Select the 2018 Americans With Disabilities Act Training video.
5. After you watch the entire video (you can pause as needed) you MUST complete the assignment.
6. Open the assignment: "I Certify That I've Viewed Training".
7. Select the Submit Assignment button.
8. Enter your name and employee ID into the text box.
9. Select the Submit Assignment button again.

After you have viewed the video and submitted your certification, you are done!


Captions and a transcript are provided for this video. If you have any other requests for accommodations, or any general questions about this training, please contact Jenna Richards ( If you experience any technical issues with Canvas, please complete an IT Helpdesk ticket.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this training session.
Troy University Human Resources // 107 Wright Hall, Troy Campus //