Open Enrollment is November 13th-26th

Open Enrollment is November 13th-26th

Please read the email below for:
1. Changes to healthcare benefits in 2018
2. Open Enrollment information and instructions
3. Training opportunities to learn more about university benefits

Important Healthcare Changes for 2018

University healthcare costs have increased $2 million dollars during 2017 and are projected to further increase in 2018. The University strives to provide affordable, quality benefits, but cannot solely absorb the increased expense. To prevent increasing premiums again this year the University will be making the following changes to our Plan:

1. Office Visit Copays for Primary Care will increase from $25 to $30.

2. Office Visit Copays for Specialists will increase from $40 to $60.

3. Prescription Drugs in Tiers 2 and 3 will now have a $200 per person deductible with a $400 cap for Family Plans. This cost can be offset by electing an FSA based on your plan type; $200 for Single plans or $400 for family plans. FSA dollars are available for use January 1st every year. View the new Prescription Drug Guide.

4. Mental Health benefits will now be provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. View information regarding the new Mental Health Services Benefit.

a. For employees currently using BHS benefits- we anticipate no interruption of coverage. You will need to provide your BCBS medical card to your provider.

b. For employees seeking coverage, you will use the Blue Cross Blue Shield website( to locate a provider and present your BCBS medical card to the provider.

c. For any questions about these changes, please contact Donna Riley or Ashley English

5. Guardian Vision Premiums are increasing. Please see the Troy Benefits guide for 2018 rates.

Open Enrollment Information

If you wish to make changes to your benefits you must do so during this Open Enrollment period. No action is needed if no changes are needed. However, if you want to continue participating in FSA (flex spending account) or DCA (dependent care account) you must make your selection each year during Open Enrollment.

How to make your benefit elections:

1. Go to (do not include a "www")
2. Enter your personal User ID which is the first initial of your first name + the first initial of your last name + the last 4 digits of your social security number.
Example: Tina Smith, SSN: 123-45-6789 = ts6789
3. Enter Company Identifier: troyu
4. Enter your password: Benefits2018

Additional Open Enrollment login instructions are on Page 2 of the 2018 Troy Benefit Guide.

Learn more about the full range of benefits we offer in the 2018 Benefits Guide, where you will find the information you need to make informed choices about your benefits.

Click here to download the Troy University Benefits Guide

Have questions about Open Enrollment? Our team is here to help.

CLICK HERE to easily submit your questions or report website issues to our team.
If you need personalized assistance in electing your benefits options, you can contact the Enrollment Center at 866-688-9727.

Employee Benefit Training

Available in-class or online. This overview of employee benefits will assist you in making informed choices about your benefits during Open Enrollment.

November 14th 2-4PM & November 15th 9-11AM
IT Training Lab in University Park or via WebEx

To attend in-class, please RSVP to Jenna Richards at

To attend online on November 14th at 2:00PM Central:
CLICK HERE when it's time for the session to start

To attend online on November 15th at 9:00AM Central:
CLICK HERE when it's time for the session to start
Troy University Human Resources // 107 Wright Hall, Troy Campus //