Welcome to Troy University!

The Human Resources Department is excited to welcome you to the Trojan Family! We hope that you'll find Troy University to be an engaging and fulfilling place to work.

Important Steps for New Hires

This email contains the steps you need to take in order to finalize your employment. All forms must be completed and submitted to Human Resources by your SECOND day of employment. For Faculty members, this will be the second day from your contract date. Please provide the HR office with one original copy of all new hire forms.

New Hire Forms, instructions for enrolling in benefits, and links for required trainings are located on the Human Resources Website

Required Forms

1. I-9 Employment Eligibility
In order to complete the I-9 employment eligibility verification process, you should complete the I-9 form and present ORIGINAL documents that prove your eligibility to work in the US. Page 3 of the I-9 form offers a list of accepted documents. If you do not provide this by the second working day, you will not be able to continue working until you can present the documents.
   1. If you will be working on the Troy or Montgomery Campuses, please allow Human        Resources to review your I-9 form and documents.
   2. If you will be working from another Alabama Campus or Support Center, your        supervisor or another employee should review your I-9 form and documents and then        email a scanned version to HR, following up with the original in the mail.
   3. If you will be working remotely, you'll need to use an "authorized representative" to        review your I-9 and documents - we recommend a Human Resources professional at        another institution of higher education.

2. W-4 Federal Tax Form

3. State Tax Form

4. Employee Information and Direct Deposit Form

5. Teachers Retirement System Enrollment Form
Please submit original form with signature. This form must be notarized. If you will be working in Troy, notary services are available in the HR office.

6. Confidentiality Agreement

Required Training

Alabama Ethics Training
After navigating to the Alabama Ethics Training link on the HR website, scroll to the bottom of the Alabama Ethics web page to locate the video. Approximately 1 hour.

Discrimination and Harassment Training
After your supervisor requests to create a university email account for you, login credentials and the link to the Discrimination and Harassment training will be sent to your email. Approximately 45 minutes.

If you experience any issues with any of your assigned trainings, please contact Jenna Richards at jbrichards@troy.edu

Employee Benefits

You must enroll in university benefits as soon as possible. You may make your benefit elections and enroll online or by phone. The link to the website and the Enrollment Center phone number are available within the Full-Time New Hires section of the Human Resources website. Your enrollment is confidential and secure. Please review The Benefit Enrollment Guide prior to beginning the online enrollment process. For questions regarding any benefits offered by Troy University, please contact The Enrollment Center. Troy University Benefits Guide

Additional New Hire Steps

Voluntary Demographics Form

This voluntary survey allows us to more accurately report the numbers of specific populations of employees to the Department of Labor. Your participation is appreciated!

Allow us to introduce you!

At the beginning of every week, the university sends out an all-user email full of information about university events, special achievements and other noteworthy highlights for the week. We'd love to include you! Please reply to this email with your permission, and we'll include your name, title and department in the next email. You may also include information about your professional or educational background if you'd like.

Have questions? Our team is here to help.

Full-time new hires: Jenna Richards jbrichards@troy.edu
Benefits questions: Donna Riley dbriley@troy.edu

Troy University Human Resources // 107 Wright Hall, Troy Campus // trojan.troy.edu/hr