Vergil Parks McKinley Employee Award

Since 1997, Troy University has recognized the work of outstanding non-faculty professional and administrative support staff members with The Vergil Parks McKinley Employee Award. This award was established by former Texaco CEO, Mr. John McKinley, in honor of his late father, Dr. Vergil Parks McKinley, who was a Troy University professor during the early 20th century. Dr. McKinley was a key member in the development of the university’s athletic program. Recipients of the award will be announced quarterly and are presented with two awards: an engraved clock and a $1000.00 check.

The selection committee will select quarterly recipients based on their esprit, determination, and ability to excel within the employee’s area of responsibility. All Troy University non-faculty and non-student professional and administrative support staff members are eligible for the award regardless of campus or location. Supervisors with deserving employees are encouraged to submit a nomination.

Nominations must be received from direct supervisors and must be submitted on the official Vergil Parks McKinley Employee Award Form. All nominations should be submitted to the McKinley Employee Award Selection Committee in care of the Troy Human Resources Department.

Previous McKinley Award Recipients Nomination Form


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