New Full-Time Employee Paperwork

The following forms must be completed by your second day of employment. If you are a faculty member, this is the second day of your contract date. Please provide Human Resources with one copy with original signatures.

NOTE: The following documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free by clicking here.

I9-Employment Eligibility
W4-Federal Tax
State Tax Withholding Form
Employee Information and Direct Deposit Form
Faculty Pay Authorization (Faculty Only)
Teachers' Retirement (Must be notarized)
Confidentiality Agreement
Alabama Ethics Training NOTE: Video is at the bottom of the page.

Additional Resources
Staff Handbook
Faculty Handbook
New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage

Voluntary Self-Identification Form
This survey allows us to more accurately report the numbers of specific populations of employees to the Department of Labor. Your participation is appreciated!


Benefit Enrollment Guide
(please review prior to beginning the enrollment process)

Important Note:

The Enrollment Center will process online benefit enrollment for new full time employees for Troy University through

You may make your benefit elections and enroll online. Your enrollment is confidential and secure. To enroll online, just follow the simple steps provided in the Benefit Enrollment Guide. Please review The Benefit Enrollment Guide prior to beginning the online enrollment process. For questions regarding any benefits offered by Troy University, please contact The Enrollment Center.

Contact Information:

The Enrollment Center
Customer Service: 1-866-688-9727
International callers: 1-706-645-8355

Online enrollment:
The Enrollment Center: 1-866-688-9727

While most benefit forms have been moved online through the online benefit enrollment system, some benefit and tax forms must be completed in hard copy. The online system makes these forms available to you. If you experience difficulty with those forms, you may access them on this page. All forms found on this page require original signatures. I9 forms must be certified by a supervisor or Troy University administrator. All hard copy forms must be returned to Human Resources.