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Spotlight courses:

Problem Solving for Leaders
As a team leader, the ability to guide your team towards conflict resolution remains an important skill to maintain. Because miscommunications often lead to disagreements, the key component for problem-solving is effective communication. This communication skills course teaches leaders how to properly address conflicts in the workplace. As a result, resolving even the most difficult of conflicts will become like second-nature to you.

Leadership Communication
Communication stands above all else as the most important tool for a leader to possess. A leader's communication must always focus on inspiring others to work towards a common goal. Therefore, the judgment of a leader's capability often rests on their ability to unite groups of people together. Effective leaders adapt their communication skills to fit each situation that they find themselves in. In this communications skills course, you will learn how leaders communicate by employing verbal, written, and non-verbal methods.

Coaching Performance
Arguably, a leader's most important tasks revolve around ensuring their team constantly improves. This type of continued improvement requires a lot from the team leader. The leader must possess the ability to analyze individual team members in order to effectively guide them towards success. This course on team training solutions focuses on the specific tools required of the team leader to ensure this level of continued improvement.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2016 provides users with far more than software for organizing their data. In fact, this iteration of Microsoft's spreadsheet software allows users to truly take their data management and analysis to the next level. After completing this comprehensive Microsoft Excel 2016 eLearning platform, users will be proficient with the advanced techniques that put the basic Excel functions into overdrive.

Business Word Processing
Learn the standards and etiquette for professional documents, emails, correspondences, and reports. This course starts with an overview of Microsoft Word, continues with a description of the skills required for effective word processing, and progresses to more in-depth applications of word processing. This course also touches on the process of compiling career portfolios, writing business plans, and more advanced topics such as using mail merge, designing newsletters, and editing with proofreader marks.

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