Scholarships & Career Opportunities

Nursing is the largest health care occupation with more than 2 million jobs, and is one of the 10 U. S. occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs. Earnings are above average, particularly for advanced practice nurses who have additional education or training.*  The Alabama State Nurses Association promotes the nursing profession; the ASNA web site provides information about opportunities in nursing, employment, and continuing education for nurses.

What Every Nursing School Graduate Should Consider When Seeking Employment, published by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, is an online interview tip sheet for baccalaureate and higher degree prepared nurses...


General Scholarships

The Troy University Undergraduate Catalog lists nursing scholarships administered by the Office of Admissions. These listings are in the Undergraduate Catalog (Financial Assistance section).

ASN Scholarships

BSN Scholarships

Troy University BSN Student Scholarships

  • Helen H. McKinley Excellence in Nursing Scholarship
  • Lois Watkins Perpetual Memorial Nursing Fund
  • Prattville Voiture Locale 1542 Nursing Scholarship
  • TROY Foundation Nursing Scholarships

MSN Scholarships

DNP Scholarships

Career Opportunties

The School of Nursing receives information from area health care institutions and recruiting companies. This information is posted below; the SON has not reviewed these sites and makes no assumptions or recommendations regarding their content. However, we encourage you to view the information on these sites.

*Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook