Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Nursing Students

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN) program is designed to develop expertise necessary for nurses in the rapidly changing health care field. Faculty are well qualified and are committed to teaching students how to be excellent nurses. Their goal is to assist each individual student to reach their maximum potential, and to prepare each student for the licensing examination (NCLEX) which each graduate takes upon completion of the BSN Degree in order to become a Registered Nurse.

The Bachelor of Science (BSN) program, offers many career opportunities. The graduate may choose to work in a variety of positions and in areas such as community health, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, oncology, surgery, geriatrics, recovery room, and intensive care or critical care. The BSN prepared nurse is qualified to function in situations which are complex and require self-direction.

A BSN Degree can be earned in approximately four and a half years – four semesters are needed to complete General Studies courses for the BSN program and five semesters are spent taking nursing courses. Troy University offers the BSN program on both the Troy and Dothan campuses. Students are accepted for admission to the BSN program in the Spring and Fall terms on the Troy campus and in the Fall term on the Dothan campus. Deadlines for receipt of BSN applications are March 15 for fall and September 15 for spring. Admission is competitive. Due to limited enrollment, all students who meet minimum requirements may not be admitted. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the student is awarded the BSN degree and may then apply to the Alabama Board of Nursing to take the licensing exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

At Troy University you will find opportunities for:

  • College life and benefits
  • Cultural activities and college sports
  • Work and study with experts in nursing
  • Financial assistance
  • Preparation for graduate study
Message from the BSN Program Director

Dear Prospective BSN Student:

Thank you for your interest in Troy University School of Nursing. In addition to the other information enclosed, you may also find the following information helpful.

If you plan to enter Troy University as a freshman or transfer student and have not completed a Troy University application, you may submit the online application at or obtain a printed copy by contacting: Admissions Office, Troy University, Troy, AL 36082; (334) 670-3179 or 1-800-551-9716.

If you plan to transfer from another college or university to Troy University, please request that all schools you have attended forward official copies of your transcripts to the Troy Admissions Office. Once admitted into Troy University, you may submit a written request for an academic evaluation to the Academic Evaluation Center, a division of the University Records Office, to the attention of Ms. Shannon Grissette. Requests can be emailed to Written requests must include copies of transcripts. These transcripts may be unofficial as long as the name of the institution appears in an official form on the document. Evaluations are processed in the order received and will take 3 to 6 weeks to complete. The academic evaluation will show those courses for which you have received credit and which courses you still need to complete in order to earn a BSN Degree from Troy University.

If you have completed the required prerequisite courses (or find that you will complete them before the term for which you would like to apply) and you believe that you will be eligible to enter the BSN Program (nursing classes and clinical), then you should submit a complete application package in order to be considered for admission to the professional BSN Nursing Sequence. Applications are accepted beginning February 1 and must be received or postmarked by March 15 to be considered for the fall class. Applications are accepted beginning August 1 and must be received or postmarked by September 15 to be considered for the spring class.

A complete application package consists of:

  1. Completed BSN application form
  2. Current undergraduate academic evaluation (which is completed by the Troy Records Office at your request)
  3. Complete transcripts from all schools attended
  4. A $20 application fee. You should request an updated undergraduate academic evaluation from the TROY Records Office at least three (3) weeks prior to the deadline for applications. APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR ADMISSION TO THE CLINICAL SEQUENCE UNLESS THE WRITTEN APPLICATION, A CURRENT UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC EVALUATION, OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT(S), AND THE $20.00 APPLICATION FEE ARE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE APPLICATION DEADLINE. You will be notified by the BSN Admissions Committee by mail as to your admission status within 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline.

Troy University offers several types of financial assistance to students who qualify. Questions related to financial aid for any major should be directed to:

Financial Aid Office
Troy University
Troy, AL 36082

We are happy that you are considering Troy University School of Nursing. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions regarding the BSN Program.

Director, School of Nursing

The Student must meet the following admission requirements:
  1. Be admitted to Troy University.
  2. Have completed the courses listed for the freshman and sophomore years on the Program of Studies for the BSN Program.
  3. Have an overall GPA of a least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. (All hours attempted are used in calculation of overall GPA.)
  4. File a written application with the School of Nursing.
  5. If transferring from another school of nursing, the student should request that the dean / department chair of that school submit a letter stating that the student is eligible for continuation in the school. Students attempting to transfer credit from another school of nursing who are not or were not eligible to continue in the nursing program in which they are / were enrolled are not eligible for admission to Troy University's BSN Program unless they first complete an accredited associate degree program and are registered nurses.

Troy University does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, color, race, national origin, religion or handicap in admission or access to its programs.

Students must have ability to perform core performance standards required for the nursing profession (i.e., must have the use of two arms to perform CPR, position clients; be able to see numbers on a syringe; be able to hear emergency signals; etc.). Contact the BSN Program Director for more information.

To apply for admission to Troy University, please select Troy University Admissions.

** The Application for Admission to BSN Program should be completed only by those students who believe they are eligible to enter the next BSN class (will have completed required prerequisite courses and have satisfactory GPA). Applications are accepted August 1 through September 15 only to be considered for spring admission, and February 1 through March 15 only to be considered for fall admission. Applications received prior to August 1 for spring admission, and prior to February 1 for fall admission, will not be considered.

BSN Program Application
Download BSN Application

Troy University School of Nursing
400 Pell Avenue 
Troy, AL 36082

All course descriptions are available in the Troy University Undergraduate Catalog.

Semester Planner



*ENG 1101
*CHM 1142
*CHM L142
*MTH 1112
TROY 1101
HIS 1122
Composition & Modern English I
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Lab
Pre-calculus Algebra
University Orientation
World History I


*ENG 1102
*BIO 3347
*BIO L347
*PSY 2200
HIS 1123
Composition & Modern English II
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
General Psychology
OR *SOC 2275, Introduction to Sociology
OR *ANT 2200**, Anthropology
Fine Arts Requirement
World History II


*BIO 3348
*BIO L348
*PSY 3301

**NSG 3319
*PHI 2204

**Area II

Anatomy & Physiology II
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
Basic Statistics
OR *QM 2241 Business Statistics I,
OR *MTH 2210 Applied Statistics
Informatics in Nursing (See note below)
OR *PHI 2203, Introduction to Philosophy,
OR *ANT 2280, World Religions,
OR *NSG 3340, Nursing Ethics
(NOTE: PHI 2204, PHI 2203, ANT 2280, or NSG 3340 may be taken after admission to the BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence.)
Course Requirement
Course (See note below)




*BIO 3372
*BIO L372
*PSY 2210
*NSG 2204
*NSG 3315
Microbiology Lab
Literature course
Developmental Psychology (Lifespan)
(NOTE: NSG 3315 may be taken in the first semester of the BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence.)

* A grade of "C" or higher is required.

**ADDITIONAL NOTES: Students must complete a 3 hour course of their choice from Area II as well as 3 hours of electives from any Area prior to graduation. NSG 3319 must be taken after admission to the nursing clinical sequence in Semester III.

BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence Requirements



NSG 2201
NSG 3306
NSG 3309
NSG 3310
NSG 3313
NSG 3314
NSG 3315
Dosage Calculations
Perspectives of Professional Nursing
Health Assessment
Health Assessment Practicum
Nursing Concepts
Nursing Concepts Practicum
Pathophysiology (Recommended prior to BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence)


NSG 3301
NSG 3325
NSG 3326
NSG 3334
NSG 3335
Adult Health Nursing I
Adult Health Nursing I Practicum
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum


NSG 3323
NSG 3324
NSG 3336
NSG 3337
NSG 3319

Maternal-Infant Health Nursing
Maternal-Infant Nursing Practicum
Adult Health Nursing II
Adult Health Nursing II Practicum
Informatics In Nursing



NSG 3332
NSG 3333
NSG 4413
NSG 4414
NSG 4419

Child Health Nursing
Child Health Nursing Practicum
Complex Care
Complex Care Practicum
Research Process in Nursing



NSG 4405
NSG 4406
NSG 4417
NSG 4407
NSG 4415
NSG 4421
Public Health Nursing
Public Health Nursing Practicum
Professional Nursing Seminar
Clinical Nutrition
Nursing Leadership/Management
Professional Nursing Clinical Preceptorship
Progression in the BSN Clinical Sequence
  1. Students are required to have an overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for enrollment in the Clinical Nursing Sequence.
  2. Students are required to make a grade of C or better in each required nursing course.
  3. Students may repeat only one 3300-4400 level nursing course required in the BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence; therefore, a D or F in any 3300-4400 level nursing course will result in automatic dismissal from the program.
  4. Students who are planning to apply, or have applied but have not yet begun, the BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence may repeat only one 3300-4400 level nursing course from the required courses in the clinical nursing sequence; thereafter, a D or F in a 3300-4400 level nursing course will automatically disqualify the student from entering the BSN Clinical Nursing Sequence.
  5. Students who drop or fail a theory or clinical course with a co-requisite component must drop the co-requisite course.
  6. Satisfactory performance on an exit exam is required for graduation. (Note: Exit Exam is not required for students in the RN-BSN/MSN track.) 
  7. Students must maintain current CPR certification, professional liability insurance, proof of annual physical exams and health insurance when enrolled in clinical nursing courses. Students must comply with drug screening and background check requirements.
  8. Students in the School of Nursing must comply with legal, moral, and legislative standards in accordance with the Alabama Board of Nursing.