Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term Netiquette mean?
Simply stated, it is network etiquette. Netiquette is a set of rules for behaving properly while online.

What is the Golden Rule of Netiquette?
Remember the human. Sometimes it is easy to forget that real people are out there with real feelings and egos. Be sensitive to the feelings of others.

Is it okay to forward or post an email message you received?
Only if the author of the message gave you permission to forward or post it.

What does typing an email in all caps mean?
You are shouting.

What does 'BRB' stand for?
Be right back. It indicates that you are temporarily distracted from the conversation.

What does it mean to scroll the screen when you are in a chat room?
Scrolling is when you type a single letter or symbol in the compose area and continue to push send. This disrupts the conversation of others and is usually against the rules of most chat rooms.

What is a flame?
A post or email message that expresses criticism or a strong opinion.

What does the phrase "lurk before you leap" mean?
Familiarize yourself with a discussion group before becoming an active participant. By lurking you familiarize yourself with rules, mailing lists, and the kinds of topics being discussed.

What does the term "Spamming" mean?
The posting of unsolicited posts to a large number of mailing lists or USENET newsgroups without regard for topical relevance. Spams are widely posted junk mail.

Knowledge and understanding of Netiquette rules is useful because:
It explains some of the technical limitations of online communications, will help you create a positive impression on those you meet in cyberspace.


    * The Golden Rule of netiquette is similar to the one taught by our parents. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Imagine how you would feel if you were in the other person's place. Stand up for yourself, remembering not to hurt people's feelings.

    * Always know where you are in cyberspace. What is perfectly acceptable in one area may be dreadfully wrong in another. Netiquette is different in different places. If you enter a domain of cyberspace that's new to you, look around.

    * Respect other people's time and bandwidth. Remember, you are not the center of cyberspace. Do not expect instant responses to all of your questions and do not assume that all readers will agree with or care about your passionate arguments.

    * In cyberspace, always remember the human. Sometimes it is easy to forget the person that you are communicating with has feelings.

    * Remember when you are communicating by cyberspace your words are written. Your words can be stored somewhere where you have no control over them. Your words can come back to haunt you.

    * Respect other people's privacy. Do not read other people's email. Not respecting others' privacy could possibly cost you your job.

    * Share expert knowledge. Sharing your knowledge can be fun. This has been a long time net tradition and sharing makes the world a better place.

    * Be forgiving other people's mistakes. When someone makes a mistake, whether it's a spelling error or a flame, be kind and forgiving.

    * Do not post flame-bait. Be pleasant and polite. Remember not to use offensive language and do not be confrontational.

    * Make yourself look good online. Remember to take advantage of your anonymity. You will be judged by the quality of your writing. Pay attention to the content of your writing.

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