Special Announcement


Troy University is excited to announce our travel partner All Seasons Travel has merged with Christopherson Business Travel. Christopherson Business Travel is the 12th largest travel agency in the United States and is an affiliate of BCD Travel the world’s 3rd largest travel agency. Christopherson Business Travel’s headquarters is located in Salt Lake City with offices in Denver, CO and Larkspur, CA and now, in the southeast by acquiring All Seasons Travel with offices located in Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama.

There will be no changes in the services provided by All Seasons Travel, but there will be a new look to your travel itinerary. Additionally Christopherson/All Seasons Travel provides all our travelers with access to their integrated technology platform AirPortal®. All travelers currently registered with the company (AST) will be receiving an email with access information. Once in AirPortal®, you will see your new, digital business traveler dashboard, called My Travel™, which provides the following online tools 24/7, no matter where you may be:

  • Airtineraries® – View every itinerary you’ve ever booked online or with a travel agent for easy reference.
  • AirBank® – View, manage, and reuse your unused airline tickets.
  • Book a Trip - Online – With direct access to Christopherson’s online booking tool you can now book your business trips simply and quickly.
  • Book a Trip - Agent – Use this simple online form to send your travel requests to our team of expert agents.
  • My Travel Map – This interactive map is part of our company’s Duty of Care initiative to keep you safe on the road. View warnings and receive alerts of harmful situations such as weather, civil disruption, acts of terrorism, etc. and know that through Christopherson’s mapping and tracking system, we are able to locate, help, and assist you around the globe in a moment’s notice.
  • My Upcoming Travel – View an easy-to-read, at-a-glance list of all your upcoming travel.
  • My Travel Profile – Your profile data is always available to you. Plus, you can easily manage that information whether you’re booking online or with an agent.
  • Travel Policy Summary – A quick-reference guide to our company’s business travel policies is available to assist you with your compliance.
  • Travel Contacts – All the numbers you could possibly need are stored in one place. Quickly get in touch with a travel agent, account manager, or online support personnel. Even emergency after-hours numbers are listed.
For any questions regarding Troy University Travel policy, visit Travel Center at http://trojan.troy.edu/employees/travel/