Sponsored Program Accounting

Purpose, Scope and Services



The purpose of this information is to state the guidelines that Troy University follows in managing the post-award activities of grants and contracts. Although this information is as complete, current, and informative as possible, it can in no way be all inclusive. The University intends for this information to be used as a guide and not as a substitute for agency interpretations or specific award requirements.


Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA) focuses on the financial administration of awards made to Troy University. SPA becomes involved when the sponsored agreement is fully executed and forwarded from OSP (after acceptance but before expenditures are made). SPA remains involved until the sponsored agreement is considered financially closed.

Sponsored Program Accounting is also responsible for documentation of cost sharing and preparation of the facilities and administrative cost rate study.


The following activities are performed by SPA for each sponsored agreement:

  • Assign and establish the University account number – after an account number is assigned it is then emailed to Principal Investigator/Project Directors (PI/PD)  
  • Review and enter all budget revisions
  • Establish the approved original budget in the University's accounting system
  • Monitor expenditures on the awards
  • Review cost transfers
  • Prepare the required financial billings and /or reports
  • Send end date notification at least 30 days prior to award ending,
  • Send close out notification after award has ended
  • Datatel training