Troy University Sponsored Program Accounting

Payroll Guidelines

Supplemental Salary

Supplemental salary request will have to be approved through the Provost office on all Sponsored Program Activities.  Please review the Supplemental Pay Guide prior to completing the Supplemental Pay Form.

A Time and Effort Report is required for all supplemental pay requests.

When budgeting for additional salary, please keep in mind the grant/contract will also need to cover ALL fringe benefits associated with the additional salary compensation.

Creating a New Position or Hiring for a Position

Certain grants/contracts will require the creation of a new position. In order to receive approval for this position you will first have to complete a Position Request on People Admin.

When submitting this request online, you will need to attach a copy of your budget indicating you have sufficient funds in your budget for this position. Please remember that all employees paid through Sponsored Programs will need to be made aware of the fact that their employment will be terminated if funding for the project has ended.

Once you have received approval for a new position, or assured your approval is still open, you will need to complete the Hiring Proposal found on People Admin.

People Admin will also be used to change a person’s salary or terminate a position.

Jenna Richards in Human Resources is available to assist with any Personnel issues you may have, you can reach her at 334/241-9581 or


Troy University Sponsored Program Accounting