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Request Project

All project requests must be correctly filled out by the requestor. Please click the link below and carefully read the instructions to ensure accurate completion of the form.

Instructions, Tips, and Things to Remember

Form Filling

Requestor: Name, location, and phone number. This person is the main contact for any questions regarding the project request. Please include the location of the requestor (department/building) and a 4-digit extension.

Date of Request: Date project is requested.

Sponsoring Department: Department to sponsor work (for accounting purposes).

Funding Source: University account with available funds that will be set aside for project purposes.

Desired Completion Date: Date for completion (this date is not guaranteed).

Related Upcoming Events: Upcoming events that may interfere with project schedule or for which the project must be completed.

Description of Work to be Performed: Please include specific scope of work being requested. Include details such as location, building, room, work type, etc.

Justification for Work: Please attach supporting documentation if necessary.

Approvals: Project Request Form must be signed by Requestor, Department Chair, and Dean/ Director.


Print and sign the form (either in person or electronically), then mail, inter-office mail, e-mail, or fax the completed Project Request to the Physical Plant. The original form can be downloaded by clicking here.


Troy University Physical Plant
Attn: Project Department
1 Melton Carter Dr.
Troy, AL 36082


Troy University Physical Plant
Attn: Project Department
Fax: (334) 670-3716


Save the form to your desktop or preferred folder. Attach the saved form to a blank e-mail and send it to the addresses below. Using e-mail signifies that the submitter agrees that an e-mail receipt is as valid as a signature, whether the form is digitally signed or not. and cc the e-mail to David Guerrero at

E-mails without the attached Project Request form will not be read or processed.


The Project Request Form is intended to print on one (1) piece of 8.5"x11" paper.

Project Request Form (requires Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or above)