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The project department exists to coordinate all modifications, additions and enhancements to existing facilities. With standard procedures and policies in place for project approval and administration, the project department provides financially sound and consistent levels of service for all projects.

There is a significant difference between project work and maintenance work. All project-level modifications, additions or enhancements, must be approved through the Physical Plant and appropriate Administrators.

No project work may be performed at any building without Physical Plant approval.

When a work request is beyond the scope of maintenance, a project request must be submitted. Use the examples in the chart below to identify what is a project and what is maintenance.

Project Maintenance
Any modification, addition, or enhancement to the existing characteristics of a space or location All services that maintain an asset in its designed operating condition

Renovate or replace interior finishes (paint, trim, doors, ceiling system, etc.)

Install a new boiler or chiller

Replace roof system

Install French doors in place of a standard type door.

Usually greater than $1,000

Replacing broken ceiling tile and burned-out light bulbs

Repair an old boiler or chiller that has failed

Repair roof leaks

Replace an old or broken door with a new door of the same type.

Usually less than $1,000

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