Physical Plant

Maintenance Work Request

Instructions, Tips, and Things to Remember
Maintenance Request Form

All requestors must ensure that a maintenance request is correctly filled out and submitted. Please read the following carefully.

Get.It! Instructions

Get.It! is Troy University's Work Request system*. Authorized users may access the system to enter and track work orders. If you feel you should have access to this system, please e-mail and a username and password will be provided for you.

A tutorial for the system is available once a user logs in. Please keep all information up to date under "Manage my Account".


If you do not want to use the Get.It! system, or are otherwise unauthorized, please use the instructions for the form below.

*This feature may be available only at on-campus locations.

Instructions, Tips, and Things to Remember


Form Filling

Date Needed: The date the work must be done. This field is optional if the work is not mission critical, a safety hazard, or otherwise urgent.

Requestor: The person requesting the work. This person is the main contact for any questions regarding the maintenance request.

Requestor Department: Department of the Requestor. This is required for additional identification of the requestor.

Phone Extension: Required. This number should be a 4 digit extension, reachable from any on-campus phone. If an additional phone number needs to be included, please type it into the "Work Requested" section.

Building Affected: Building where the work shall be performed. If the work is outside, state the closest building.
Example: Smith Hall

Location of Work: Specific location of work. Vague descriptions that include phrases such as, "just down the hall from . . ." are not acceptable and may delay performance of work. Use standard descriptions such as room number, floor, cardinal directions, etc.
Example: First Floor South Men's Restroom Room 119

Work Requested: Detailed description of work to be performed. Include the word "Please" in every maintenance request.
Example: Toilet overflowed, about 1/4 of bathroom has wet floor. Please mop and clean.


Print and sign the form (either in person or electronically), then mail, inter-office mail, e-mail, or fax the completed Maintenance Request to the Physical Plant. The original form can be downloaded by clicking here.


Troy University Physical Plant
Attn: Maintenance Request
1 Melton Carter Dr.
Troy, AL 36082


Troy University Physical Plant
Attn: Maintenance Request
Fax: (334) 670-3716


Save the form to your desktop or preferred folder, attach it to a blank e-mail and send to the address below. Using e-mail signifies that the submitter agrees that an e-mail receipt is as valid as a signature, whether the form is digitally signed or not.

E-mails without the attached Maintenance Request form will not be read or processed.


The Maintenance Request Form is intended to print on one half-sized piece of 8.5"x11". To accomplish this, deselect any "Page Scaling" option and deselect "Auto-Rotate and Center ."

Checking "Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size" will appropriately adjust the size of the page, but some printers may give an error if 8.5"x5.5" paper is not loaded.

To save paper, pre-cut pages in half and load into an unused tray or manual feed tray. Then print the form as described above.

Maintenance Request Form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or above)