Physical Plant

Maintenance Process

Work requests are consistently processed across campus on a daily basis. The steps for completing work orders are listed below. All necessary resources to complete a work request are located in the menu to the left.

  1. Problem identified
  2. Work Request created on Maximo customer portal
  3. Work Request received and assigned priority; dispatched accordingly as Work Order*
  4. Physical Plant responds to Work Order and completes work
  5. Work Order closed
*ATTENTION: Not all work requests merit generating a work order—some are denied. Some work requests may be duplicates or part of a larger scope of work. Some may insignificantly affect the mission of the University or are not a valuable use of resources. If you feel your work request has been inappropriately denied, please discuss it with your direct supervisor, secretary, or dean before resubmitting. Additional concerns may be directed to the maintenance manager.