Physical Plant

Maintenance Priorities

Work Requests are entered into the work management system based on priority in order to appropriately assign resources. The following are the priorities assigned with a description of each.

Routine (R) Used to designate a common work request. Most work requests will fit into this category and are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. As soon as resources are available, the work will be completed.
Examples: Change light bulbs; Fix leaky faucet; etc.

Urgent (U) Used to designate time-sensitive work or work which may affect the life and/or safety of University patrons. These requests are placed in front of any other request and resources are directed to take necessary action to complete the request.
Examples: Electrical wires are sparking; Toilet overflowing with water on the floor; etc.

Special (S) Used to designate routine work orders generated by Physical Plant staff.
Examples: Clean wood walls in Executive Board Room before meeting on Tuesday.

Projects (P) Used to designate work requests that are to be performed in conjunction with a project. Special scheduling is required to make sure the project continues as planned. Also includes requests that fit the definition of a project, but will be performed by in-house staff.
Examples: Hook up a sink after a new cabinet installation; Install light fixture purchased by project.