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Maintenance Department

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The focus of Troy University is to maintain all buildings at their optimum operating design. The Physical Plant Maintenance Department works to meet this objective by providing routine maintenance in response to requests from facility users.

Planned maintenance services are also provided to help reduce the likelihood of major equipment failures. Occasionally, the maintenance staff is also able to provide resources to aid in small improvement projects on campus.

The maintenance department uses allocated resources to ensure the safety and comfort of students, faculty, and staff, and to improve the first impression of all visitors that enter any campus facility.

For maintenance actions other than routing work orders, please contact the maintenance manager.

Some maintenance requests are beyond the scope of the Maintenance Department. Use the examples in the chart below to determine what is maintenance and what is a project.

Project Maintenance
Any modification, addition, or enhancement to the existing characteristics of a space or location All services that maintain an asset in its designed operating condition

Renovate or replace interior finishes (paint, trim, doors, ceiling system, etc.)

Install a new boiler or chiller

Replace roof system

Install French doors in place of a standard type door.

Usually greater than $1,000

Replacing broken ceiling tile and burned-out light bulbs

Repair an old boiler or chiller that has failed

Repair roof leaks

Replace an old or broken door with a new door of the same type.

Usually less than $1,000

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