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Grounds Department Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly explained details about the Grounds Department.

Troy Campus Grounds Zones
Grounds Special Projects and Responsibilities
Other Facts and Questions

Grounds Crews

The Grounds Department is divided into the following areas: Grounds, Recycling, Sports Turf, Golf Course, Landscape, Irrigation, & Grounds Mechanic Shop.

    Grounds – Willie Canty, Supervisor

    • Regular campus maintenance: mowing, trimming, edging, blowing, removal of litter, removal of tree limbs & leaves, fire ant & weed/grass control in grass areas, sidewalks, and parking lots. Routine check and maintenance of 142 garbage receptacles and 89 smoking urns across campus (checked 6-days a week). Maintain a fleet of 175 – 95-gallon residential style garbage containers across campus. Work closely with waste removal vendor to manage top load and roll off dumpsters across campus.


    • Managed by Grounds supervisor. Routine recycling of card board, shredded paper, newspaper, and some book materials. Established recycling route picked up on a daily basis. Recycling not on this route will be picked up by work order request.

    Sports Turf – Tim Downing, Supervisor

    • Bibb Graves Quad, Athletic field maintenance: Astroturf and natural turf in football stadium, football practice fields, band practice field, Intramural fields, Baseball field, Softball field, and the Soccer and track facility.

    Trojan Oaks Golf Course – Travis Smith, Supervisor

    • Regular course maintenance: mowing, trimming, edging, blowing, removal of litter on the course, removal of tree limbs, and maintenance of: sand traps, tees, greens, fairways, irrigation, fencing, and changing cup positions in greens.

    Landscape – Merlyn Ivey, Supervisor

    • Regular care and maintenance: cutting, trimming, fertilizing, spraying, & planting of: shrubbery, trees, annuals, perennials, container plants, Smith Hall rose garden, hanging baskets, greenhouse at the Arboretum, and the Chancellor's home. Landscape is also responsible for all fountains on campus.

    Irrigation – Carnell Flowers, Technician

    • Regular care and maintenance of all campus irrigation systems. Irrigation systems are checked and tested once a month and programmed periodically to ensure proper watering according to seasons and current weather conditions. Lightning can cause an electrical surge that can affect any of these systems. If you see any problems or have any concerns with an irrigation system, please submit a work order to have it checked.

    Grounds Mechanic Shop – Avery Starks, Technician

    • Regular care and maintenance of all grounds equipment.

Troy Campus Grounds Zones

Campus grounds are maintained in 10 zones. Each day, Monday through Friday, is dedicated to two of the ten (10) specific zones. Below is an image of the zones over the campus map. We have an established schedule to create time efficiencies for the crew. While it is not always possible, we try to maintain areas with high traffic count (vehicles or foot traffic) at times when the count is the lowest. For example we try to maintain around parking areas early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the fewest number of cars are on campus. We also try to maintain high foot traffic areas during classes, not during class changes, to avoid the potential of flying debris causing harm to persons or property.

Troy Campus Grounds Zones

Grounds Special Projects and Responsibilities

  • Events – Preparation, Trash detail, clean-up, and coverage for ball games, social events and special occasions. These services are provided at the expense of the requesting department.

  • Pressure washing - stadiums, buildings, and campus walkways. Please submit a work order request for pressure washing.

  • Severe weather - storm drains, downed trees, debris removal, etc. During regular business hours, call the Physical Plant 334-670-3342 to report any issues with downed trees, etc. After hours, please call University Police at 334-670-1999.

  • Traffic control - Please contact the University Police for special events requiring traffic control. The physical plant will assist as directed by the police.

  • Dumpsters on campus – The grounds manager works closely with our garbage vendor for daily emptying of dumpsters on campus on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for a dumpster to be blocked by a vehicle when the garbage company is on campus. This is a violation of the university parking and permit policy issued to everyone at the beginning of the school year. When this occurs, University Police is contacted and an effort is made to locate the owner to have it moved. If they are unsuccessful, then the car is towed at the owner’s expense.

  • 95-gallon Trash containers – The grounds dept. is responsible for maintaining a fleet of 175 residential style garbage containers for our facilities and events. Most of these cans have designated locations year round. We pull them from different locations, as necessary, in order to adequately cover events across campus. We do our best to accommodate any requests for these cans, and during events dispense every can we have available. During shortages our option is to supply requestors with garbage bags.

  • Projects – Land clearing, landscape & irrigation design and installation, bush hogging, drainage, landscape renovations, demolition, etc. are all considered projects. This is work that will be scheduled in advance. Grounds priorities lie with the overall first impression appearance of campus. Projects are scheduled if possible to be accomplished and completed during the slower times of year. (i.e. early spring, fall and winter, in between athletic seasons, spring break, semester gaps, fall break, winter break, etc.) As a matter of operating procedure all requests of this nature will be submitted using a Project Request form, located in the Projects section of the Physical Plant website.

Other Facts and Questions

Troy University Tree Policy:

University policy prohibits anyone, including the Physical Plant from cutting down any tree or tree limbs on campus without the approval of the Administration. If you see an issue with any trees or limbs, please contact the Physical Plant and your request will be reviewed.

Troy University Policy for Campus Benches, Memorials, Swings, Concrete Pads, etc.:

Periodically there are requests received from the university community for the Physical Plant to install swings, benches, memorials, concrete pads, etc. across campus. As a matter of operating procedure all requests of this nature must be submitted using a Project Request Form, located in the Projects section of the Physical Plant website. It will require the approval of the Physical Plant director, and the Administration. Once authorized, the work may begin as coordinated with the Project Manager.

We want to thank the Administration, faculty, staff, and students for their patience and understanding while we perform the tasks necessary to maintain a beautiful campus that the University and surrounding community can be proud of.