Physical Plant

General Cleaning Policies to Help Maintain Cleanliness on Campus

Custodial Policies


The Custodial Services department is responsible for the planning and implementation of the daily custodial services performed in academic, administrative, laboratory, research, physical education, residence halls, and allied buildings on and off campus.

Cleaning Schedule

Custodial Services employees are assigned by location and time schedule to accomplish custodial responsibilities in the most expeditious manner possible, depending on the functions performed by building. Employees observe the following routine schedule.

  1. Dormitory/Resident Halls cleaning is from 7:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. (Mon. – Fri.)
  2. Academic and Administrative Building cleaning is from 9:30a.m – 6:00p.m. (Mon. – Fri.)

Periodic Services

Stripping and resealing of tile, terrazzo, concrete and wood floors and carpet cleaning are scheduled and accomplished by floor specialists between 5:00 p.m. and 1:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. Floor projects are between 9:30p.m. and 6:00a.m. Mon. – Fri.

Exterior window cleaning is scheduled annually.

Security. Custodial Services employees carry a photo identification card. They are issued keys for their shift to accomplish their assigned custodial responsibilities. Other than for the purposes of completing their assigned work, they are not permitted to open locked doors for any individuals other than custodial services supervisory personnel. Custodial employees are instructed to report any security violations to their managers for action, or, in the event of an emergency, directly to Campus Security.


Expendable custodial supplies are provided to custodial services employees in sufficient quantity to accomplish their assigned responsibilities. Requests for expendable custodial supplies for non-related activities or department/lab use are not authorized. All custodial supply and equipment requests require Custodial Services department manager approval.

Service Rooms

Custodial closets, supply rooms, employee locker rooms, and administrative offices are located throughout campus and are maintained by the Custodial Services department. Use or access to these spaces by others outside the department is prohibited.

Special Requests

Custodial Services supports various University activities. To request one-time or temporary changes in normally scheduled custodial services, please notify the appropriate custodial services manager or the custodial services office. If Custodial Services cannot comply with a request through its departmental resources, alternative solutions will be discussed and provided.

Request for Cleaning Schedule Change

Requests for permanent changes in scheduled custodial services must be made in writing to the Custodial Services department manager. Requests, such as doors to be left unlocked, lights to be left on, or benches, areas, or rooms to not be cleaned, must be made in writing for documentation purposes.

Emergency Requests

When the health and welfare of individuals is endangered, or when buildings, equipment, or property could be damaged or destroyed (such as in fire or flood situations), emergency requests for custodial services are appropriate. For emergency custodial services from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, contact the Physical Plant Main Office, (334) 670-3342. At other times, contact Campus Security, which maintains a list of on-call personnel.

Obtaining Service

Special requests, complaints, recommendations, or questions concerning custodial services may be directed to the Custodial Services Manager at (334) 670-3647.