EchoSign (Electronic Document Processing System)

Troy University’s new electronic signature process is the fastest, easiest way to get forms signed, tracked and filed. EchoSign offers an end-to-end solution by automating the entire process from the request for signature to the distribution and filing of the executed document. EchoSign instantly shows you what is out for signature, what has been signed, and when and by whom. All documents are converted to a PDF and automatically routed to all parties based on email address provided. Routing to departmental email addresses is done automatically based on what form is being submitted for approval, so there is no need to input a departmental email address. In addition, archival copies of all your signed contracts are automatically stored in your EchoSign account with no scanning, inputting or effort required.

Many Troy University forms are now being processed using EchoSign. You no longer have to sign into EchoSign in order to send forms. Just click on the form link from within the owing department’s forms page to begin the signature process. As always you can manage form you have sent or signed though your EchoSign account.

Listed below are links to guides that will assist you with you e-Signature account. The guides include step-by-step instructions that lead you through the process of send a form for signature, creating your e-Signature account, and managing your e-sign documents. If you have any issues please place a helpdesk ticket at and select EchoSign as the problem type.

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