Asset Management

Troy University’s Asset Management Department is a service function of the University. This department seeks to support Troy University in its mission to serve its student, faculty and staff population by maintaining an accurate documentation of assets for accounting and financial purposes on behalf of the University. The Director of Procurement and Asset Management is responsible for the development of policies and procedures designed to create an efficient and effective asset management environment for the University. The goal of Asset Management is to insure that purchases, dispositions, and transfers are made in accordance with Institutional requirements, applicable state and federal laws and any other statutory guidelines that are inherent to the cash management environment for assets. The Asset Management Department relies on the Datatel accounting application to generate paid voucher information which serves as the documentation for costs associated with asset purchases. This department also relies upon Microsoft Access for database compilation of asset information. The information in the Access database substantiates the financial statement information for all campuses, including TROY Global Campus.

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April Johnson
Interim Director of Purchasing and Asset Management
Troy University
100 University Park
Troy, AL 36082
Jessica Hasson
Purchasing & Asset Management Specialist
100 University Park
Troy, AL 36082


Kathy Hale
Dothan Campus
501 University Drive
Dothan, AL 36304
334-983-6556 ext 1211


Kimberly Montgomery
Troy Campus
100 University Park
Troy, AL 36082
Sandy Montgomery
Montgomery Campus
344 Whitley Hall
Montgomery, AL 36103

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