Department of Psychology

Chair’s Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Psychology! Psychology is one of the most popular majors at Troy University with well over 1000 students pursuing degrees in the program. Students may seek an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in our program or choose to minor in Psychology. Our Program is offered at all four Alabama campuses (Dothan, Montgomery, Phenix City and Troy), and entirely online via TROY Online. As such, students can earn their degree in the classroom, online, or a combination of both from our highly-educated and trained faculty.

The Department of Psychology consists of 24 full-time faculty with expertise and professional experience in many fields. These fields include Addictions, Abnormal Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, Aviation Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and School Psychology.

Along with our major, our program offers four minors in differing fields of Psychology. We have a general psychology minor for those students in other majors. For Psychology students we have several additional minors; Applied Behavior Analysis, which will expose students to behavioral treatments used to improve the lives of those with autism and other developmental disorders; Psychological Research, which will assist those students looking to move into Master’s Programs in different psychology fields; and Substance Addiction Education minor, which will help academically prepare students seeking a position in the professional field of Addictions.

Mission Statement

The Department of Psychology provides a student-centered education in both theoretical and applied aspects of psychology that prepares students for graduate studies or direct entry into the workforce as well as life in general. Students will encounter an experienced and highly trained faculty, small class sizes, and an interesting curriculum covering most areas in psychology. Students are taught critical thinking, effective communication, ethical behaviors, and to value diversity in human nature.


The Applied Behavior Analysis Minor

Behavior analysis is a natural-science approach to understanding the behavior of individuals. Behavior analysts place special emphasis on studying factors that reliably influence the behavior of individuals, an emphasis that works well when the goal is to acquire adaptive behavior or ameliorate problem behavior. The science of behavior analysis has made discoveries that have proven useful in addressing socially important behavior such as drug taking, healthy eating, workplace safety, education, and the treatment of developmental disabilities (e.g., autism).

The minor consists of six classes, for a total of 18 hrs.

  • Psy 3340 Psychology of Learning
  • Psy 4459 Applied Behavior Analysis*
  • Psy 4474 Evaluation of Research for the Behavioral Treatment of Individuals with Autism and Developmental Delays*
  • Psy 4476 Behavioral Treatment of Individuals with Autism and Developmental Delays*
  • Psy 4477 Behavioral Assessment of Individuals with Autism and Developmental Delays*
  • Psy 4478 The Behavior Analyst as a Professional and Ethical Practitioner*
* These courses are included in the verified course sequence (VCS). Completion of all courses within the VCS with a minimum of a passing grade of C satisfy the coursework requirements for becoming eligible to take the examination to become a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). Troy University’s pass rate data for the BCaBA examination are not posted because these data are not published for sequences with fewer than six first-time candidates in a single year or for sequences within their first four years of operation.

In addition to preparing students for graduate education in applied behavior analysis and undergraduate employment as a BCaBA, the ABA minor is a great fit for students who want to become occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, family/child clinicians and counselors, music therapists, art therapists, social workers, teachers, or work in the child welfare/foster care system.

Clubs and Organizations

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Club


The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) club is a student organization that is open to anyone who is interested. Our mission is to promote ABA throughout the community and to apply behavioral psychology through service learning. At our meetings, we have guest speakers who talk about their careers in behavioral psychology and work on fund-raising projects. The ABA club is a good opportunity to get to know other students and develop leadership skills. We have adopted a special education class at Troy Elementary school and have completed several projects designed to increase autism awareness in the Troy community.

Please contact Dr. Barbara Metzger at for more information.

Psi Chi

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Psychology Club

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